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Mobile Apps Trend

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Mobile apps have become an integral part of the modern & civilized life. At the beginning of 2014, Apple and Google stores were seen to be offering more than 1 million apps. Both the stores proudly entered the 2014 after breaking the 50 billion downloads mark. This shows the usage of mobile apps across the globe and trend in the first 6 months of 2014, has been more than positive.
Apps are attracting huge investments and incredible acquisitions. Some were lucky enough to make billions of dollars in revenues. How will they fare in 2014? What will be the trends in the app world? As technology is more and more playing a significant role in almost all businesses, apps are becoming indispensable part of business strategy.
In 2013, Apple have paid iOS developers more than $8bn. It's going to increase in 2014. Photo-sharing, health-care, freemium game and messaging apps are going to make money. Messaging apps is the craze in 2014. Apps like WeChat, WhatsApp and BBM rule the roost. The specialty is that all new messaging apps gives the user much more than messaging. They provide games, shopping, music, images, video and social media.
Educational apps are also going to be prominent in 2014. As more and more students in more countries going to possess mobile devices, educational apps will become a rage. Apps will conquer offices soon. Enterprise apps developed by companies are intended only to their staff. So many innovative apps in the enterprise sector won't attract public or media attention. With more and more tablets appearing in office more apps will accompany them, but you won't see them in app stores.
Businesses will soon understand the value of HTML5 and its usage will increase in the enterprise. Till now, 2014 has been pretty eventful and hope the action continues.
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