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Geeks Tech Pro is an award winning native & Android apps development services have become one of the most sought after mobile app development services. Smart-phones have become an integral part of modern, decent life and it exerts its influence in the buying process of its users. Reports of Nielsen and others invariably emphasize the need for business people to have their own mobile site and mobile apps to survive in the present 'mobilization' of business.

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When you have decided to build an app for your business, the natural question is which platform you should choose: iOS or Android?
Google which owns Android has allowed many mobile manufacturers to license its system, so you'll find android phones from Lenovo, HTC, Samsung, Sony etc. Thus, Android has a great outreach among your present and prospective customers. Moreover, due to its flexibility, you can create an app that really will be a concrete form of your app idea.
Android apps will be used by your customers for the following purposes:
  • Finding the location of the physical store and working hours
  • Promotional offers and discounts
  • Details of the products including product reviews
  • Checking the prices and comparin
  • Shopping lists

Since Google Play store is the most visited mobile app store, the visibility of your app will be more. You can also give a link to that particular page in Google Play from your website. You can even give advertisements in other sites and popular Android apps enticing people to download your Android app. Moreover, android phones can download apps from other app stores too. As smart-phones now work like laptops or desktop computers, businesses can use Android phones to load their own in-house applications. This is advantageous to small businesses that rely on custom applications to do business.
Android is open source and its software development kit (SDK) is free of cost. So the development of an android app is comparatively cheaper. It is also easy to integrate your existing web or

mobile application with the Android platform

. For small business owners, Google's policy of not denying "competing" applications to its users is a boon. Google doesn't entertain many restrictions imposed by Apple. Google voice available with Android is a great tool for small businesses particularly the single owner ones.
Surge in demand has let android apps development companies work day n night to fulfill the demand. Next 12 months will be very interesting to see the upgrades on top two OS.
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