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This is a unique service provided by Geeks Tech Pro where we offer our customers an opportunity to hire skilled global resources ranging from architects to programmers.

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Affordable Global
Affordable Global @ Geeks Tech Pro
Affordable Global Sourcing

Key benefits of this model are:

a. It allows our clients to start an IT team with multiple skills almost overnight.

b. It is a highly cost-effective model, as clients do not have to invest in overheads and only pay for the resources they use.

c. Deployed resources have immediate access to our in-house technology experts and senior resources, such as project managers, architects and designers. This set up minimizes the learning curve and increases the efficiency and output. For example, if the work involves any designer architectural issues that are beyond the skillset of the hired resource, then the resource has immediate access to experts that help save time and money.

Other benefits include:

  • Direct labor cost savings of up to 60 - 70% when offshore resources are used
  • Zero employee overhead costs such as employee benefit coverages, payroll and statutory costs
  • No office set up and resulting overhead costs, such as real estate, telecommunication, admin etc.
  • Pay as you use - no obligation to keep the resource on payroll after the work is done
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